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Earlier today, the WHATWG announced a new organization structure. W3C is flattered that WHATWG has adopted many shared features that are extremely positive for the web community. Among the features of the revised organization (some of which have happened prior to this announcement) that I think are excellent are:

  • A Royalty-Free patent policy aligned with the W3C Patent Policy
  • The notion of having a Review Draft (which the WHATWG is using for their patent commitments)
  • The notion that features only go into the Living Standards if they have multiple implementation commitments and tests
  • Continued partnership between W3C and WHATWG on testing
  • Permissive specification licensing with attribution (CC-BY)
  • A code of conduct

The new WHATWG Steering Group invited me to meet with them earlier this month. They shared their motivation for their new structure. Both organizations are motivated to build a stronger partnership between WHATWG and W3C, and the Steering Group and W3C plan to work on this. We welcome and look forward to that conversation.

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