What's new in the W3C Process 2017?

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As of today, W3C is using a new W3C Process. You can read the full list of substantive changes but I'd like to highlight 2 changes that are relevant for the W3C community:

  1. Added a process to make a Recommendation Obsolete: An obsolete specification is one that the W3C community has decided should no longer be used. For example, it may no longer represent best practices, or it may not have received wide adoption and seems unlikely to do so in the future. The status of an obsolete specification remains active under the W3C Patent Policy, but it is not recommended for future implementation.
  2. Simplified the steps to publish Edited Recommendations if the new revision makes only editorial changes to the previous Recommendation. This allows W3C to make corrections to its Recommendations without requiring technical review of the proposed changes while keeping an objective to ensure adequate notice.

The W3C Process Document is developed by the W3C Advisory Board's Process Task Force working within the Revising W3C Process Community Group. Please send comments about our Process to public-w3process@w3.org.

We're working on revamping and cleaning our entry page on Standards and Drafts and we'll make sure to take those Process updates into account.

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