DPUB IG Telco, 2017-05-08: Charter status, F2F planning

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See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

The meeting began by welcoming back Tzviya Siegman after her maternity leave. There was a unanimous agreement that her baby is adorable…

Charter status

Ivan Herman gave a short status report on the WG Charter: there 40+ positive votes, and two objections from before. One of the two has already been dealt with, the other is still pending. There are a few days more to go before the poll closes. There is still a good hope that the Working Group can officially be announced at the beginning of June.

F2F meeting

There is now a preliminary agenda for the F2F meeting. Some discussions during the call added new items to the agenda: the importance of testing and, therefore, a discussion on the testing methodology, areas, etc (including a feeling for what the "exit criteria" will be when the time comes), organizational issues (homepage, repositories, scribing, etc.). It has been agreed that a remote participation will be offered for group members if they cannot be there in person.

Personalization discussion

There has been some discussion in past few days, initiated by a group extending ARIA towards personalization, and how that work can be combined with the ideas discussed in this group (eg, manifests). That is a discussion to happen in the upcoming Working Group (personalization is also of a great interest for the publishing work).

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