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Meeting: Digital Publishing Interest Group Teleconference

Date: 08 May 2017

See also the Agenda and the IRC Log


Present: Tzviya Siegman, Ivan Herman, Dave Cramer, Avneesh Singh, Peter Krautzberger, Charles LaPierre, Alan Stearns, George Kerscher, charles, Kyrce Swenson, Ric, Vladimir Levantovsky, Bill Kasdorf, Garth Conboy, Michael Miller, Liam Quin, Heather Flanagan, Brady Duga, Nick Ruffilo

Regrets: Luc Audrain, Leonard Rosenthol


Chair: Garth Conboy

Scribe(s): Dave Cramer


Resolution #1: E. is very adorable

pkra: cute!

pkra: so!

pkra: Yes.

pkra: I'm here.

Garth Conboy: Wow — lots of folks!

Heather Flanagan: running late on another call - will join shortly

Garth Conboy: Correction from Agenda:

Garth Conboy: Access code:648 817 610

Garth Conboy: Mobile Auto Dial:+1-617-324-0000,,,648817610#

Heather Flanagan: (finally)

Tzviya Siegman: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3pbwc3dc55NRE5EWld0V2lwbDg/view?usp=sharing

1. Eliyahu is cute

Tzviya Siegman: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3pbwc3dc55NMXdlNG9tTE5aQ28/view?usp=sharing

Kyrce Swenson: I'm jealous. He has better eyelashes than I do!

2. Welcome back Tzviya

Garth Conboy: Welcome back Tzviya! any objections to approving minutes?

Resolution #2: minutes are approved

3. New members

Garth Conboy: We have two new members is Kyrce here?

Kyrce Swenson: hello

Ivan Herman: welcome Kyrce in another group:-)

Kyrce Swenson: I've been at Pearson for 13 years was part of the annotation working group

Garth Conboy: welcome!

4. WG Charter

Ivan Herman: we are on last week of charter review lots of people have voted--43 votes in favor this is a great number two more have objections to the text one of them we already have new text that is fine still outstanding issues with Vivliostyle the voting period goes to the end of the week next week we should have a discussion with W3M, and how they will handle the objections I"m confident it will be solved quickly so we can be up and running at the beginning of June five more business days to go out of the 43, 9 are TPI members the others are regular w3c members

Garth Conboy: excellent

Nick Ruffilo: Is there a way to get more of our TPI members?

Garth Conboy: Ivan is confident that the working group will be set up we are on for a F2F in NYC on JUne 22 and 23 so y'all should make plans working on food logistics with Adobe

Charles LaPierre: I have made my travel plans for the F2F!

5. F2F Agenda

Vladimir Levantovsky: Just FYI - InterContinental on 48th has good rates for the days of the meeting

Garth Conboy: please take a look at the agenda which is linked from this meeting's agenda

Ivan Herman: Preliminary agenda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J0VlZbMFj-33tfhZe0EK543NWFlx6dyDHauqkPwMeEI/edit

Garth Conboy: anyone with this link can edit this google doc to add agenda items

Ivan Herman: two families of comments one is that we should have a bunch of discussions on boring but necessary issues like how we organize repos, WG home page, etc practical things... scribing, etc the other... Garth, Tzviya, and myself will have a preparatory meeting the day before

Charles LaPierre: Should we add attendee list of confirmed people?

Ivan Herman: the other issue is something we have to define from the beginning how will we do testing when the time comes how do we make sure that testing features will be on our agenda all along some groups develop a spec first, and only think about testing at the end. That's not good. so we want to be clear on testing from the start there are similar issues to keep an eye on i18n, a11y, security, etc all of the things that have to undergo horizontal review let's build these things into the work as we go along

George Kerscher: we have epubtest.org when we talk about testing, are we envisioning sample content that could be tested and then reading systems and browsers rendering the content? and we also have a11y testing and there's also security things are we envisioning that model? or something different.

Ivan Herman: all of the above, but we also have to have tests that prove what we specify is consistent and implementable which is a slightly different question at w3c, for every feature in the spec we have to prove it can be implemented, by having two implementations of every feature we need to figure out how to ensure that

Alan Stearns: tests need to show that what has been specified is clear enough for two implementations to interpret the spec in the same way

Ivan Herman: my hope is that we can get people who are experts in testing to join the group there is a company called spec ops that has done testing Shane McCarron, for example I don't know if Shane can join the group, but that would be great

Tzviya Siegman: one thing I learned from DPUB-ARIA is that the only way to know what the testing looks like is to define the exit criteria we should define exit criteria first

Ivan Herman: one thing worth mentioning one objection from glazou was that the time in the original milestones was too short for the necessary testing so we extended the charter time to give us more time for testing

Garth Conboy: other things for agenda topics?

George Kerscher: George plans to be there

Garth Conboy: please also RSVP for attending the F2F, either virtually or physically

Ivan Herman: one question do we want to have remote participation?

Garth Conboy: it was clarified that we can have remote call in with Adobe I would encourage folks to be there in person

6. AOB

Garth Conboy: we are at the "AOB" agenda item at :26 past the hour we will likely skip next week and do more F2F planning in two weeks and make sure that you get your F2F agenda items to the agenda anything else to discuss?

7. Personalization discussion

Tzviya Siegman: last week on the email list there was some discussion with ARIA about personalization this is something we want to look at when we're a real WG there was some interest in the work we'd done with DPUB-ARIA I think it was David McDonald it was a comment on the published use cases David and John Folio were commenting on the concept of rendering and how it could be used for personalization

Tzviya Siegman: https://w3c.github.io/personalization-semantics/

Tzviya Siegman: there is ongoing work in the cognitive task force it plugs in to aria

Charles LaPierre: with respect to manifests.

Tzviya Siegman: along side, there's a JS library to overwrite existing styles with a regular website, most things are not as craftily-designed this is the way the cognitive task force is moving forward with this we should be a part of this

Garth Conboy: anyone else? alrighty then homework: look at agenda planning doc, comment or add things, and RSVP we'll meet again in two weeks on the 22nd thanks everyone!

Kyrce Swenson: Thanks!

8. Resolutions