Check out Web Payments Demos @ Money20/20

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Please join me on Monday, 23 October at Money20/20, where my colleagues from Google, Mastercard, and Airbnb will demonstrate how to streamline online checkout using new Web standards from W3C.

In our session, Zach Koch (Google) will highlight new browser features to accelerate checkout. James Anderson (Mastercard) will show how native mobile applications could integrate with this checkout experience, and also enhance payment security through tokenization and multi-factor authentication. Michel Weksler (Airbnb) will provide the merchant site driving the demos.

Industry leaders are collaborating on these open standards at W3C to enable a streamlined and consistent user experience across the Web, designed to increase conversions and lower merchant integration costs. All major browser makers are now implementing Payment Request API, the heart of the new Web checkout experience. So Money20/20 will be a great opportunity to check out the future of Web payments. Please join us!

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