WHATWG Working Mode Changes

Earlier today, the WHATWG announced a new organization structure. W3C is flattered that WHATWG has adopted many shared features that are extremely positive for the web community. Among the features of the revised organization (some of which have happened prior to this announcement) that I think are excellent are:

  • A Royalty-Free patent policy aligned with the W3C Patent Policy
  • The notion of having a Review Draft (which the WHATWG is using for their patent commitments)
  • The notion that features only go into the Living Standards if they have multiple implementation commitments and tests
  • Continued partnership between W3C and WHATWG on testing
  • Permissive specification licensing with attribution (CC-BY)
  • A code of conduct

The new WHATWG Steering Group invited me to meet with them earlier this month. They shared their motivation for their new structure. Both organizations are motivated to build a stronger partnership between WHATWG and W3C, and the Steering Group and W3C plan to work on this. We welcome and look forward to that conversation.

6 thoughts on “WHATWG Working Mode Changes

  1. “W3C is flattered…”

    I went over to read the WHATWG’s blog post on this matter. Not once (and I mean not once) did the author of that post mentioned anything about the W3C.

    The WHATWG Steering Group may have invited you behind the scenes, but, in the front and right in your face, the post expresses the WHATWG’s overriding agenda: “..reduce the confusion around which version of a standard to use.”

    You’re literally over here bootlicking a renegade organization that has disrupted the web for no positive web-biased reason.

    The WHATWG has no desire to work with the W3C. The WHATWG has an agenda to usurp and/or make irrelevant the efforts of the WHATWG.

    HTML 5 (all versions) is a complete mess. I’ve read them all. HTML 5 is (suppose to be) the core specification for the web. Yet, HTML 5 is not based on any standard (including SGML or XML or a DTD to that effect). HTML 5 is based on WHATWG’s HTML Living Standard and has inherited all of that specification’s pollution.

    Here’s a solution: if the W3C wants to hand over development of HTML to the renegades at the WHATWG, then do so and continue with your obvious new agenda of serving the needs of corporations (EME, et al.)

    Here’s another solution: Let the WHATWG continue to work on their Living Standards, which are primarily based on accommodating unprofessional Web Ds (web developers/designers) who are happy to rely on browsers to clean up their sloppy work, and the W3C can develop HTML 5 in a way that “stewards” of the web are supposed to move the web forward.

    Stop acting like the loser kids in high school trying to be accepted by the cool kids and stop kowtowing to the WHATWG.

    When you read comments from people expressing their dissatisfactions with the actions of the W3C, don’t look at them as attacks from villains, but from people who apparently care (cared) about the business of the W3C and have grown to appreciate the work done to improve the web ecosystem.

  2. “The WHATWG has no desire to work with the W3C. The WHATWG has an agenda to usurp and/or make irrelevant the efforts of the WHATWG.”

    should read,

    “The WHATWG has no desire to work with the W3C. The WHATWG has an agenda to usurp and/or make irrelevant the efforts of the W3C.”

  3. The WHATWG Steering Group represented that they want to work in partnership with W3C. I take that offer at face value and now the work in front of us is to figure out the best way to do that.

    You say that “HTML 5 (all versions) is a complete mess”. I think everyone agrees that there is room for improvement. My aspiration is that we find a way to work together so we have more resources pointing the ship in the right direction. Isn’t that clearly an improvement? I ask that you suspend your skepticism for the moment, and see if we can find a way to improve the situation.

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