Publishing WG Telco, 2017-10-23: Packaging, Archiving, F2F

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.


The group started to collect requirements to be documented as part of the FPWD for the Packaged Web Publication document (also scheduled to be published by the end of the year). The first set of issues and comments that came to the fore on the call:

  • Compression vs. flat and related processing requirements and limited bandwidth / cost considerations.
  • Large (enabled) – in past has been limited in size
  • Package format neutral
  • Are all resources required to be packaged (ie. remote or non-essential resources)?
  • Don’t invent something new
  • Support for signing and/or authenticity
    • And don’t reinvent the wheel here either…
  • Ability to work on small devices
  • Support for non-web hosted resources
  • Usable by humans

A separate document has been set up for an initial list.


The topic of archiving has not yet been addressed in the WP Editors’ draft. The question is how this influences the WP and/or the PWP technology.

It turned out that NISO/ISO has started some work related to archival and EPUB, with a proposal for work sent out by NISO. There will be a need for synchronization with them. Further issues that were discussed:

  • how to construct a file that is deconstructable and preservable
  • some section on archiving should be part both of WP and PWP documents
  • it may be worth having a separate get-together (workshop or other) gathering the main archival institutions and experts

Face-to-Face meetings

  • The decision for the spring F2F meeting: May 30-31, 2018, Toronto, Canada, hosted by Kobo.
  • The agenda for TPAC F2F is almost final, some minor adjustments may come this week.