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In response to requests from both our Members and the general Web Community, W3C has been offering training on Web standards for a number of years. The initial offerings were on W3DevCampus which continues to offer unique instructor-led courses in a number of topics. One of the challenges we've faced is that we can't scale that platform to reach the wider audience and we took steps to address that in early 2015.

You may have seen our announcement of our partnership with edX at the end of March 2015. This exciting advancement in our overall Training activity has resulted in us creating two courses on HTML5 and we're working on several more. The first course, HTML5 Part 1: HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices, has drawn over 150K learners in the two runs of the course! The second course,  HTML5 Part 2: Advanced Techniques for Designing HTML5 Apps, is finishing it's first run and we have almost 20K students currently developing HTML5-based apps.

Example of a W3Cx Verified Certificate
Example of a W3Cx Verified Certificate

One of the things that we are encouraging our learners to do is sign up for a Verified Certificate. This certificate is awarded when the learner has completed the work and achieved an overall grade of 70% or better. We have over 1,000 learners that have earned these certificates.

If your organization is looking to bring on HTML5 personnel, then we think you should ask them if they have these certificates. Another option is for you to reach out directly to the people who have earned them by going to the W3Cx Verified Students LinkedIn Group. This group was formed by W3C to allow those learners that have earned Verified Certificates to promote themselves. It is administered by my team and we insure that only learners that have earned the proper certificates are represented there.

I would encourage you to keep letting us know what other courses you would like us to develop and to follow our progress on W3Cx.

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