W3C Highlights (June 2014) and Webizen Next Steps

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Last month the W3C Membership gathered in Cambridge for one of our bi-annual meetings. At these meetings we discuss recent and upcoming work, the health and evolution of the organization, and new imperatives driven by changes around us. I invite you to read W3C Highlights - June 2014, which the W3C staff prepared for the participants.

Those who come to the meeting are passionate about the Open Web. Though the critiques at these meetings can be sharp, the attendees all want to work together to Lead the Web to its Full Potential. Outside of big group discussions, at meals and in hallways we give ourselves the time to listen.

Here's an example. In the months leading up to the June meeting, I chaired a public task force to develop a proposal that gives individual developers a greater voice within W3C. I presented the draft "Webizen" proposal to the Membership who had concerns about its current form. Fortunately, during the meeting and then by email, a number of people volunteered to help us turn the idea into a successful program.

We have launched a new task force with solid Member participation to determine next steps. That task force remains open to the public; our discussions take place on public-webizen@w3.org (archive). Our next face-to-face opportunity to share a proposal with the Membership will be during TPAC 2014 in October.

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