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The goal of the W3C’s Digital Publishing Activity is to help make the Open Web Platform perfectly suitable for the needs of the Publishing industry, which also means helping to build the necessary bridges between that community and the Web Community at large. As such, the call for papers for the “Books in Browsers: Advancing Open Web Standards and Digital Publishing” event has a great interest for W3C.

Books in Browsers is a summit for the new generation of internet publishing companies, focusing on developers and designers who are building and launching tools for online storytelling, expression, and art. From the announcement:

Over the last four years, Books in Browsers has advanced from a discussion of how startups might optimize existing publisher workflows to an exploration of the concept of “craft” in digital-native authoring and reading environments. This focus is bumping up squarely against the current limitations of web browsers to author, display, and link page elements together in ways that liberate the next generation of digital publishing.

Simultaneously, there is a burst of interest in how evolving web standards can advance publishing, and reciprocally how the frontiers of design, user interaction, and narrative can inform the objectives for web standards, common open source tools, and widely deployed services. One of the most obvious signposts of this engagement is the emergence of the W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group (DigPub IG).

The event will take place in San Francisco, on the 23-25 October, at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. W3C is pleased to contribute to the event, co-hosted by by the Project and the Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF).

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