A Productive TPAC 2014 and W3C Highlights

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TPAC 2014, W3C's annual organization-wide meeting, was a milestone for W3C and the Web community on several levels. Thirty-four groups met face-to-face and held joint meetings the last week of October. Participants organized 30 breakout sessions on telecommunications, privacy, Web of things, payments, APIs, testing, robotics, W3C agility, and more. With that many meetings and so many attendees, I can't speak to all the highlights of the week. But here were a few for me:

  • Nearly 550 people attended TPAC meetings, a record, and a great indicator of the vitality of our agenda. Several groups met for the first time face-to-face: the Social Web Working Group, Payments Interest Group, Web Annotations Working Group, and the RDF Data Shapes Working Group.
  • We celebrated the 20th anniversary of W3C, with an all-star slate of speakers and panelists. We live-streamed the event and have published some photos as well. Many thanks to our sponsors Intel, Ford Foundation, ICANN, Knight Foundation, Rakuten, and Tata Communications.
  • We announced the HTML5 Recommendation, emphasizing the work of the last two years to build a test suite of more than 100,000 tests to drive interoperability, and the Royalty-Free licensing commitments from more than 60 Members that make this the premiere platform for innovation. As part of the announcement, we released a video on the value of standards that was viewed 65,000 times in less than a week.
  • With the completion of HTML5, and while so many people were gathered in Santa Clara, it was a great opportunity to reflect on what the community has accomplished and what lies ahead. The HTML Working Group spent some time at its face-to-face meeting planning next steps. There were also spirited discussions of developer needs, framed through the Application Foundations taxonomy.

The week was busy, and from all signs, productive. One Advisory Committee Representative expressed his appreciation for "an excellent week loaded with events," and I hope that long-time and new Members alike found it a valuable opportunity to connect.

As part of preparation for TPAC we published for the Membership "W3C Highlights - October 2014," now public, which I invite you to read.

We are already looking forward to TPAC 2015, 26-30 October in Sapporo, Japan (just prior to the IETF meeting 1-6 November in Yokohama).

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