Web Components won the Best New Technology 2014 Net Award

I wrote last January that W3C was honoured through several nominations in the 2014 Net Awards, which celebrate the best in Web design and development; the best new talent, trends and technologies, and new projects that are shaping the next generation Web.

We are thrilled to share that Web Components won the Best New Web Technology 2014 net Award!

Congratulations to the Web Applications Working Group, and the Web Components spec Editors Dominic Cooney, Dimitri Glazkov, Hajime Morrita, Hayato Ito, Rafael Weinstein!

We were represented today at the ceremony held at The Grand Connaught Rooms of Covent Garden in London, by Dan Appelquist, co-chair of our Technical Advisory Group, who accepted the award. Here’s a tweet and snap, courtesy of Dan:

2014 is the year the Web turns 25, and the W3C turns 20. Twenty years of advancing the Web as an open platform through open standards, empowering billions to create, communicate and collaborate. Thank you for advancing the Web with us. Thank you for honouring us with this award.

Update 23 June 2014: Hayato Ito just received the award from overseas.

Update 2 July 2014: Photo of Dan Appelquist picking up the award (via Max Froumentin)

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  1. Congratulations! The Web Components is another great technology making coding better for all of us lucky enough to work with the web.

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