Extensible Web Summit Roundup

On April 4th, with the much-appreciated help and support of Adobe Systems, the TAG organized an event in San Francisco called the Extensible Web Summit. As I wrote before the event, the intention was to bring together web developers and web platform developers from the local area to discuss upcoming, in-development web platform technologies and standards both to throw a spotlight on some of the topics we think are key and to guide the TAG’s thinking. Judging from the feedback we’ve received, I we achieved these goals and more.

There were quite a few positive views shared on Twitter, including:

…and the summit has inspired a few blog posts, from Alan Sterns, Brian Kardell and Simon St. Laurent.

The final schedule of sessions and links to the unfiltered notes from these sessions can be found on the Lanyrd page for the event. Thanks again to everyone who came along! Based on the feedback we received, I think it’s likely we’ll be running events in the future in the same format. Watch this space and follow @w3ctag on Twitter to keep up to date.