Automotive Business Group progressing

A lot of exciting news related to the Automotive and Web Platform Business Group:

and a lot of new subjects in progress.

Also, we followed up on an interview request by Telematics Update, see excerpt below (full article):

“For more than a decade, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has been at work on a set of coding standards intended to enable a single piece of code ā€“ be it for an app or a website ā€“ to display across a broad range of connected devices. And the automotive industry has been paying close attention, hoping this new set of standards, known as HTML5, would increase the number of apps available for the connected vehicle, or, at the very least, bring down development costs.

By the look of it, the W3C, which acts as the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web, is getting close. In December 2012, it published the complete definition of HTML5 specifications ā€“ an actual set of standards is expected before the end of this year. And the connected car industry is now part of the official process. The W3Cā€™s Automotive and Web Platform Business Group launched in February 2013, and the first draft of an HTML5 automotive standard is expected in April.”

One thought on “Automotive Business Group progressing

  1. The first draft of an HTML5 automotive standard. That should be awesome for the repair guys that have to have 7 different scanners to read most cpu’s.
    They did somewhat better with the OBD2 systems but HTML5 will Rock!

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