Maori Ito presents Enhanced search for life science databases with proposed extension

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This week we'll hear from Maori Ito (National Institute of Biomedical Innovation, Osaka) on extensions for biomedical databases, with an opportunity to discuss these in depth.

Abstract: Lack of unified annotation makes it difficult to find specific information across a set of life science databases. Here, we discuss proposed extensions to to semantically annotate biological databases and their entries using the microdata format. We have applied this to Japanase biomedical data & resources to provide additional fields in our search results. We hope to finalize this proposal and encourage databases to adopt the extension, thereby improving the quality of search results.

W3C Wiki page :
Properties and example of markup are shown in this page.

BioHackathon2012 :
How and why, discussions and useful links are shown in this link.

BH12.12 (Japanese) : Concrete examples of markup and search results, discussions and comments are shown in this link.

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Attendee PIN #: 47479369

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