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The W3C Provenance Working Group has  released a set of documents to define a framework for interchanging and representing provenance on the Web. One of these documents is the Dublin Core to PROV mapping, which describes a partial mapping from Dublin Core Terms to the PROV-O OWL2 ontology.

But why do we need a mapping between Dublin Core and PROV? Dublin Core has been typically used to describe document metadata in the Web. Many of its terms are directly related to provenance, which describe how the document has been modified, who participated in its creation, or when it was created, issued or published. Dublin Core is widely used and it has a strong community of users behind, so the alignment to a W3C specification for provenance is crucial for interoperability in the Web.

How can you use the mapping? If you are currently using Dublin Core terms and you want to derive direct PROV statements from your assertions, take a look at the direct mappings section. If you are interested in obtaining more refined qualified statements from your Dublin Core metadata, we suggest you to explore the Complex Mappings section.

How can you contribute? By sending us comments, suggestions and feedback. We aim to do a final release of the document before the end April and your comments would very appreciated.

-- Post by Daniel Garijo

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