W3C introduces new plan and pricing for Validator Suite

Today we are very happy to introduce a new W3C Validator Suite plan and pricing.

Further to important customer feedback, and market comments, our offers now feature increased flexibility, control and cost savings. Validator Suite is now based on credit of page validation.

Credits may be used to validate Web pages on a single or multiple sites, or selected portions of sites. You allocate your credits according to your needs. Additional credits may be added to your account at any time.

We know you trust W3C to provide expert Website validation, and we hope this evolution in plan and pricing further supports your goal to create a Web experience of quality for your Web site users.

Any new registered user gets free credits. So, if you wish to test the service, please, simply register to receive 20 free page validation credits on your account.

Your feedback and ideas are welcome; please, feel free to send us e-mail.

Thank you for building a better Web, The W3C Validator Suite team

One thought on “W3C introduces new plan and pricing for Validator Suite

  1. This is good step w3c introduced new plan and pricing for Validation of web pages. Thanks for providing 20 free page validation credits with registration. by validating web pages become internationalization.

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