SSL Europa joins W3C to promote a more secure Web

SSL Europa creates innovative solutions for better security with mobile connections. Their objective is to tackle the challenges of privacy and data transfers from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

As a security specialist for dematerialized environments, the company is the delegated Registration Authority of Keynectis-OpenTrust, the famous Trusted Third Party leader in Europe. SSL Europa provides server solutions (https), electronic signatures of documents, traceability of electronic transfers and convergence solutions including strong authentication for workstations.

As mentioned by SSL Europa: “We aim at tackling the challenges related to the privacy and to the integrity of information exchanges from smart devices. Being involved in the W3C is another step to meet our goal ; “secure your digital world”. It is also a guarantee of visibility and an opportunity to work actively with recognized players in the security world.”

I wish a warm welcome to this new Member.

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