Help create a world of mobile *Web* apps

The new mobile Web training course launched last February was so well received (full course!) that we are announcing a new session before this summer. The “Mobile Web 2: Applications” online course will be 6 weeks long, from 11 June to 22 July 2012, and registration is now open.

Based on students’ feedback, our trainer Marcos Caceres will teach an updated program which covers all the important aspects of mobile Web application development: basics of creating a Web application that runs on mobile devices, HTML5 elements and new CSS properties, powerful Javascript APIs and libraries, and finally how to make Web apps available off-line.

This course is also looking at device APIs (geolocation, device orientation, touch events) as well as looking at what new standards are coming from the W3C.

We encourage you to follow this course to learn how to develop open mobile Web apps with HTML5, accessible from any browser on any system. As Tim Berners-Lee urged conference participants in his last month WWW2012’s keynote: “The solution is in your hands: develop Web apps, not apps!”

In summary:

Mobile Web Apps course banner

Take a look at the course sections on “Who Should Attend?” and “What do I need?” to find out about the target audience and pre-requesites for this course. Looking forward to welcoming you soon online!