CSS wiki-based documentation

Back in April, I introduced the “wiki-based documentation project”. At that time, it only contained the HTML documentation. I’m glad to now report that the CSS documentation is now completed.

CSS Educational Materials for Beginners

I have organized a curriculum for the beginners in Web design and development. It is a curriculum that the beginners can study the basic concepts of CSS in four weeks. For those who study Web technologies, the existing educational materials with a lot of information are not easy to study. Thus, I included only the minimum necessary information for the beginners.

List of CSS Properties

This is a quick reference for CSS properties which has many examples and screenshot images in order to help beginners clearly understand how the CSS properties work. It is important because I believe that it is difficult for the beginners to perceive how the CSS properties are used. Currently, it only contains the CSS 2.1 properties. I will add the CSS 3 properties in the future.

Finally, this wiki is open to anyone. If you want, you can get a public account on request form and start editing the page. I am looking forward to your contribution.
And also, I really welcome bug reports and suggestions for improvements by sending feedback to the publicly archived mailing list public-webdev-docs@w3.org [Web archive].

This column is written by Hiroki Yamada, a W3C Fellow from Internet Academy (Japanese company).