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Introducing the Web Font Awards – a design competition for websites using Web fonts. Help celebrate the newfound typographic freedom that Web designers are enjoying by entering your site into the Web Font Awards. Aimed at promoting Web font awareness and adoption, and celebrating the success of W3C and the web community in standardizing the new Web Open Font Format (WOFF), the Web Font Awards is open to eligible users of any Web font service or technology that uses CSS @font-face declaration. To enter, simply visit and create an account. While you’re there, please read complete rules and eligibility requirements, and help spread the word about the great work others are doing with Web fonts by rating and commenting on other submissions.

The competition sponsors are offering up a package of prizes with a combined total value of more than $80,000 (U.S.), including cash, Apple® iPad® devices and more. Enter today for you chance to take home your share of pickings while earning bragging rights and exposure. See you soon on!

Vladimir Levantovsky is a chair of the Web Fonts working group that is currently standardizing WOFF. The first public working draft of the WOFF specification is now available for public review.

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