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WOFF 2.0 became a W3C Recommendation
WOFF 2.0 became a W3C Proposed Recommendation
A meeting was held on 9 Nov in Mountain View, CA.
A meeting was held on 12 September in Warsaw, Poland in conjunction with ATypI Warsaw 2016
Microsoft Edge 14 is released, with WOFF2 support.
WOFF 2.0 becomes a W3C Candidate Recommendation
Microsoft announced that they are working on WOFF 2.0 support for Edge.
A meeting was held on 13 October in São Paulo, Brazil in conjunction with ATypI 2015.
TypeKit added WOFF 2.0 support
An updated Working Draft of WOFF 2.0 was released on 14 April, together with an updated WOFF 2.0 Evaluation Report.
A meeting was held at the Google campus, co-hosted with TPAC. The Working Group decided that support for Font Collections in WOFF 2.0 was important, and resolved to add this.
A meeting was held at Bau Design College, Barcelona, co-hosted with ATypI. A substantially complete test plan was developed.
The First Public Working Draft of WOFF 2.0 was published.
The WOFF 2.0 evaluation report was published, explaining the work done to date, compression results with LZMA and Brotli, and design decisions arrived at.
A meeting was held in Amsterdam, co-hosted with ATypI. WOFF 2.0 will use a new compression scheme, Brotli, rather than the underspecified LZMA.
WOFF 1.0 is a W3C Recommendation.
2012-November: Fourth face to face meeting
A meeting was held at TPAC 2012 in Lyon. Besides wrapping up work on WOFF 1.0, new work on a WOFF 2.0 proposal began. This will offer improved compression for fonts.
WOFF 1.0 is now a Proposed Recommendation. All tests are passed by at least two implementations.
2012-April-12: 99% coverage
The WOFF user agent tests now have 1 failure out of 291 tests (99.6% pass rate).
2012-February-23: 95% coverage
The WOFF user agent tests now have 14 failures out of 291 tests (95% pass rate). Validator and authoring tests have 100% coverage.
2011-September-13: Third face to face meeting
The WebFonts WG met in Reykjavík, Iceland, co-hosted with the ATypI conference.
2011-August-04: Candidate Recommendation
The WOFF specification moved to Candidate Recommendation. Implementation testing is in progress.
2010-Nov-16: Last Call
The WOFF specification moved to Last Call.
2010-November-4-5: Second face to face meeting
The WebFonts WG is meeting at TPAC in Lyon, and expects to issue a Last call of the WOFF specification soon thereafter.
2010-August-17: First face to face meeting
The WebFonts WG has used phone, email and IRC to meet thus far; the first actual face to face meeting was on 17 August in Los Angeles, co-located with TypeCon 2010. The WG also took part in a panel discussion at the conference.
2010-July-27: First Public Working Draft
The First Public Working Draft of the WOFF specification was published. This includes some corrections and clarifications, relative to the Submission. An appendix gives some real-world examples of WOFF metadata as used by foundries.
2010-April-19: WOFF Submission
The WOFF File Format 1.0 Submission was published. The Submission was made by Microsoft Corporation, Mozilla Foundation and Opera Software ASA, all of whom are members of the WebFonts WG.
2010-March: New Public Working Group

In March 2010, the WebFonts Working Group was chartered as a public group, part of the Fonts Activity. Join this group


Feedback to this group may be sent to the public mailing list www-font@w3.org (public archive). This group will post minutes to, and primarily conduct its technical work on, the mailing list public-webfonts-wg@w3.org (public archive).

There is a list of participants in the WebFonts WG, and any patent disclosures related to this group (currently empty).

The group has a tracker for issues and actions. You can also read the work plan on the Fonts WG Wiki.

The group has weekly phone conferences on Wednesdays, alternating between an early and a late time. Minutes are posted to the public wg list.


Editors draft of WOFF 2.0 specification reflects work in progress. It may have more recent changes, compared to the most recent offical publication.

Specification FPWD CR PR Rec
WOFF July 2010 Aug 2011 Oct 2012 Dec 2012
Evaluation report Jan 2014 Apr 2015 Mar 2016
WOFF 2.0 May 2014 Mar 2016 Jan 2018 Mar 2018

Test Suite

WOFF 1.0 has three test suites:

In each case, the 'documentation' field links to the specific testable assertion in the specification.

WOFF 2.0 has four test suites. We have test plans for TestPlan20-UserAgent, TestPlan20-Format, TestPlan20-AuthoringTool, and TestPlan20-Decoder.

On GitHub is the source to make the tests and also compiled, ready-to-run tests.

Can I Use It?

WOFF 1.0 is supported in all major browsers, except Opera Mini. WOFF 2.0 is supported in Chrome, Opera, Chrome for Android, Firefox, OSX Safari (10+) and Microsoft Edge (14+).. The same stylesheet can use both WOFF 2.0 and WOFF 1.0.

Chris Lilley, Fonts Activity Lead
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