W3C CEO blog – First posting – March 8, 2010

A few simple reflections as I begin my new role at W3C.

The role

The World Wide Web is easily the most revolutionary development that has changed not only information technology, but everything about business, education, entertainment, and information retrieval.

The World Wide Web consortium is the singular organization that leads the web to its full potential with its protocols and guidelines.

I am honored to be here, I am honored to work with Tim Berners-Lee, and excited to play a role in this mission.


My most immediate priority is to preserve and enhance the W3C culture of having an open consensus-based process. This works well today, but I also need an effective and open high-bandwidth communications path with the large, diverse, and global set of stakeholders of the W3C.

One part of that is blogging. I intend to post often and invite comments. This will be a good way for people to engage in public discussion with me on issues of importance to the organization.

Not every issue will show up on a blog. To cover different issues, or if people are more comfortable with email, they are also welcome to send their thoughts to jeff@w3.org. I intend to be responsive but also ask your patience as I adapt to this new role.

Another priority for me is to climb a steep learning curve in a short amount of time. Accordingly, I’ll save comments on other topics until I learn some more. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me with your ideas, aspirations, and concerns relative to W3C.

9 thoughts on “W3C CEO blog – First posting – March 8, 2010

  1. This is really a glorious day :)
    I was lost in web designing world until I find out about web standards
    thank you for making the web a better place :)

  2. Telefonica, the Spanish leading operator and W3C Member, congratulates Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe for his appointment as W3C CEO, and wish him good luck and a fruitful mandate

    José M. Cantera

    Head of Telefonica’s W3C Delegation.

  3. Welcome
    Have a happy and prosperous days work
    Congratulations from São Paulo – Brazil

  4. Congratulations! Looking forward to the more intuitive structure of HTML5 and greater expressive range of CSS3.

    Any nice surprises you’d like to hint at coming our way?

    Dan Owen
    DxR Development Group, Inc.

  5. AT&T as an active member of W3C congratulates Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe and wishes him to transform the web into a more accessible place.

    Ileana Leuca AT&T AC Representative

  6. At aqk technologies in Elgin, Quebec, we may not be big, but we are small.
    Nevertheless, we wish you good luck in this new endeavour, and let’s hope Sir Tim doesn’t disappear too far into the background ! ;-)

  7. The Web Architecture class at NYU, salute Jeff Jaffe in his role.

    Sig Handelman and the class

  8. This is really a glorious day :) I was lost in web designing world until I find out about web standards thank you for making the web a better place :)

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