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Firefox 3 was released two days ago and is spreading around the world as I write. I've been playing around with the number of downloads of Firefox 3 per country and thought others might be interested.

So, the United States come first in the total numbers but that doesn't tell us much, given the population and internet users in that country.

A more interesting approach is to compare the downloads with the world population and Internet users. And there, it's Lithuana who comes first. Almost 30% of lithuanian Internet users downloaded Firefox 3 already, making up for around 10% of the population. That's a really high number and one might wonder if someone over there decided to download the software several tens of thousands of times (using a lithuanian botnet maybe?). I'd like to think it's not the case, so I'll settle to trust the numbers for now.

An other interesting view of the data is by using a world map (see below). Independently of the fact that the Web browser is Firefox 3, it shows the interest of users to download a latest generation Web browser, which is most certainly highly similar to the interest of users with regards to Web standards in general. Additionally, keep in mind that Firefox 3 was released in 46 languages for the desktop platform, so the mobile Web, which is more predominant in developing countries or countries like China, is completely out of the pictures.

For completeness, I published all the data I used as well as all the SVG maps. I'm sure that folks out there will do a better (and more complete) job at interpreting them than I did here. While you're browsing the maps, have a look at the maps of population, Internet users and Internet users vs population. There is still a tremendous potential of increase of Internet users out there…

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