IE8 versioning snowstorm

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5 March 2008: Microsoft IE Team reverted their initial decision. The browser will now default on the last implementation. There will still be a versioning system if people choose to. Jeffrey Zeldman has a good summary of blog posts on the topic.

It is snowing this morning in Tokyo and around. It is quite rare. Last time was two years ago and the snow on the ground only lasted for 24 hours. I arrived at the office and I have seen another kind of snowstorm. And I'm pretty sure that this one will not finish within 24 hours. So to keep track on what is being said about IE8 and opt-in versioning mechanism.


Sam Ruby is asking interesting questions.

What is MySpace supposed to do? Users copy/paste input into text areas and the result is wrapped in a template. Multiply this question by all of the sites (Blogger, WordPress, etc.) that do similarly.

How does this affect feed aggregators? Use xhtml:meta as extension elements? How are planet / river of news aggregators supposed to cope?

and posted a technique for your .htaccess if you are using Apache.

BrowserMatch MSIE best-standards-support
Header set X-UA-Compatible IE=edge env=best-standards-support

From the comments on my previous post, I gathered, if I understood, that IE8 will not respect HTTP protocol. The key question from Sam Ruby is to me:

My basic problem is that I don't know what features are in and out of IE8 or when it will be released.

A software vendor should always release what (and how much) is exactly supported. It is very important for the web developers community.

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