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It's been a long time coming. Either 10 months (if you count back to when the current W3C HTML Working Group was chartered) or 10 years (if you consider when the HTML 4.0 Recommendation was published. Or maybe just 4 years (when Ian Hickson first blogged about developing a spec for a "Web Applications Language".

Anyway, today we (the W3C and the W3C HTML Working Group) published a First Public Working Draft of the HTML5 specification. I lack the time right now to say much more about it (it's either very late or very early here in Tokyo now), but to set a bit of context for this milestone, for now I just want to list of few random words and phrases and names from the months and years that have led up to it:


Cougar, validation, weblog, XML, draconian error handling, Mozilla, CSS, PHP, doctype switching, Google, collective wisdom of the Web, NGLayout, Gecko, XmlHttpRequest, Microsoft Internet Explorer, RSS, RFC 2616 (HTTP 1.1), Lars Knoll, KHTML, WebKit, ECMAScript 3rd Edition, feeds, XHTML, David Baron, Steven Pemberton, SVG, David Hyatt, Mark Pilgrim, HLink, Daniel Glazman, Jeffrey Zeldman, Safari, Wordpress, Atom, XForms, Apple, Opera, Web Forms 2.0, Flickr, Presto, whatwg.org, Gmail, backwards compatibility, error handling, Google Maps, Ajax, Web 2.0, canvas, video, Gears


I guess that's enough words for now.

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