W3C XML 10 Years

There is essentially no computer in the world, desktop, handheld, or backroom, that doesn't process XML sometimes...

Tim Bray; read more in the press release

On 10 February 1998, W3C published Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 as a W3C Recommendation. W3C would like to thank the dedicated communities -- including people who have participated in W3C's XML groups and mailing lists, the SGML community, and xml-dev -- whose efforts have created a successful family of technologies based on the solid XML 1.0 foundation.

XML Community Greetings

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Congratulations and keep up the good work...

The computing community is proud of all you fine XML guys. Congratulations and keep up the good work...

Rahul Roy, sent on 2009-01-02

Merry Xmas & happy new year, 2009


ferhat riad riadfr34@yahoo.fr, sent on 2008-12-31

Happy 10 XML

Best wishes & continue working for the community IT.


Rolando Alvarez ralvare@upt.edu.pe, sent on 2008-12-30



xml men

I thanks for xml but, yet,

I can't compeletly understand it

I hope to next ten years I can.


morteza moradi.c85@gmail.com, sent on 2008-12-29


I am cheering for you

robseabgreen robgreen@yahoo.com, sent on 2008-12-27


γειασας !!!!

annoulakaki zizi1213@mail.ru, sent on 2008-12-24

Happy New Year

It's New Year.........

I wish Upon the Stars

that your year is beautiful

with .....

A Spring Filled with JOY

A Summer Filled with Peace

A Autumn Filled with Love


A Winter Filled with Warmth

rajul rajul@bglindia.com, sent on 2008-12-25

Merry Christmas!

Sending our wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and New Year full of

promises and hope!

> From LuAnn, Steve, Tess and Charles

sent on 2008-12-25


Enhorabuena xml =)feliz navidad y prz a�o nuevo.

Felicidades desde Espa�a, La Rioja.

Antonio del Mazo cuentapri@hotmail.com, sent on 2008-12-25

merry xmes

merry xmes

paul olivia111421@hotmail.com, sent on 2008-12-24


Happy XML and get your dream house on beautiful code...

riki dhamparan rikidhamparan@ymail.com, sent on 2008-12-24



Gustavo info@gprecambios.com, sent on 2008-12-23


With those tutorials even the biggest moron would be able to construct the

most sofisticated webpage.

BIIIG help!

Happy 2009 and continue helping!

STELLA poincare@terra.com.br, sent on 2008-12-22

Happy Development through years

My best Wishes to the developers of XML for their laborious effort which has brought XML to a world recognition status and an easy as well as standard way of interaction in Computer.

Vidit Kothari vidit.trexaurus.pro@gmail.com, sent on 2008-12-22

[zh-hans] 恭贺XML10年


Jankey Farry jankey_farry@hotmail.com, sent on 2008-12-21

Thank You All!

A huge thanks to ev'ryone involved for giving us a shining example through the years.

Al Griffy alan@io.com, sent on 2008-12-20

me too!

SGML was also my first intro to the markup language world ... we've come a long way ... in some ways... :)

Al Griffy alan@io.com, sent on 2008-12-20


Hi there!

Have you discovered this?


Its XCase. It makes conceptual modeling of XML schemas possible!

Thanks for XML :)

sent on 2008-12-20

My way

Thanks a lot for XML!

I started with SGML in 1990 - it was my way into the IT. Originally I studied philosophy of aesthetics but then I met Dr. Franz Hack and he became a very real friend. He tought me SGML in a high sophisticated

manner. I lost my way in arts but the new way is fascinating too.

Today I spent my time as project manager for projects in ...

... yes, XML and XSL.

Thank you again!

Jörn-Carsten Kamp j-c-k@j-c-k.net, sent on 2008-12-19