Unescape HTML Entities in Python

I’m not a programmer, I mean a real programmer. I do hack code sometimes, mostly python, to be able to process files for recurring tasks. I had to read XHTML files to send to an XML parser (ElementTree).

This piece of code might be useful for someone and there will be certainly people who think that it is really programmed with my feet and suggest fixes. I usually work in UTF-8 but sometimes there might be character references and named entity in my files. So I wanted to convert everything to UTF-8 characters.

def parsefile(path):
      file = open(path, "r")
      fileread = file.read()
      fileread = unescape(fileread.decode('utf-8')).encode('utf-8')
      print "Reading File Bug"
   return ET.fromstring(fileread)

The Unescape HTML Entities routine was found on Frederik Lundh Web site. The code was doing too much because it was converting &, > and <. I wanted to keep those in URL and where I have escaped code sections. So I slightly modified it for my own needs.

def unescape(text):
   """Removes HTML or XML character references 
      and entities from a text string.
      keep &, >, < in the source code.
   from Fredrik Lundh
   def fixup(m):
      text = m.group(0)
      if text[:2] == "&#":
         # character reference
            if text[:3] == "&#x":
               return unichr(int(text[3:-1], 16))
               return unichr(int(text[2:-1]))
         except ValueError:
            print "erreur de valeur"
         # named entity
            if text[1:-1] == "amp":
               text = "&"
            elif text[1:-1] == "gt":
               text = ">"
            elif text[1:-1] == "lt":
               text = "<"
               print text[1:-1]
               text = unichr(htmlentitydefs.name2codepoint])
         except KeyError:
            print "keyerror"
      return text # leave as is
   return re.sub("&#?w+;", fixup, text)

Hope it helps.

4 thoughts on “Unescape HTML Entities in Python

  1. Hello – I am trying desperately to keep the ‘&’ from converting to ‘&’ in some html/xml. I want to use a URL to pass a couple of querystring parameter to another page. I need to use the ‘&’ for the query string otherwise it isn’t recognized as a parameter. Can you tell me how to keep this conversion from happening automatically?

    here is the URL that I need to keep as is. It is currently just a hyperlink on a page.

    “http://MySite/sites/Myweb/mypage/Lists/Reference%20Accounts/Form.aspx?CustID=1&Customer=Some Customer&Source=http://MySite/sites/Myweb/mypage/pages/references.aspx”

    The ‘&’ in the above always converts to ‘&’ and this doesn’t work.

    I’m not much of a developer, and have been wracking my brain for days on this, so any help would be much appreciated!!

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Renee

      It really depends on the programming language, framework and/or tools you are using for developing the site. I would recommend to ask the question in the community of the tools you are using.


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