Get a CSS Drive

A colleague from the W3C Team sent us an interesting photo. Eric Meyer had already posted on his flickr account this strange plate. Then I imagined right away that I was driving on a long road in fluid landscapes, floating right or left, sunset shining in the background. During my CSS drive, I was certainly listening Bran Van 3000 playing the “toone” More Shopping. A band I discovered when I was living in MontrĂ©al:

Momus :
Moloch passed the message to the Behemoth
Whose master passed it on to Zebedee
It was sent by Internet, by obscure protocols
To its recipient, the delicious Miss Gee

And maybe I would continue with Gilberto Gil, Pela Internet (listen the music):

Criar meu web site
Fazer minha home-page
Com quantos gigabytes
Se faz uma jangada
Um barco que veleje

Internet is fun. What would be your geek song?

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