TPAC 2007 - HTML Working Group had informal jamming session!

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It was intended to be a fun session for the HTML Working Group face to face meeting, but the word spread out and suddenly many people joined us at the room. The jam started and suddenly Tim Berners-Lee joined Dan Connolly, Steven Pemberton, Ian Jacobs, Janet Daly and others on the lyrics...

Singalong may not sound very serious when a working group with a stake in the future of the Web gets to meet. But face-to-face meetings are about much more than being around a table and arguing about issues: it is a great way to meet and get to know the people with whom you are going to work, sometimes for the span of several years, over e-mail and other remote communication means.

About a hundred people in the room enjoying life and music. Life is about small moments... and this was an awesome one.

note: Kevin Lawver and Justin Thorp published some pictures of the jamming session on the Web.

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