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I have to admit something, sometimes I'm a bum. It's why I like tools which makes my life easier. I had written in the past that RDF is for the lazy person. I like also the LogValidator because it helps me to check the quality of my Web sites step by step without a big burden. There is a new tool in town : Mobile Test Harness

The tool has been developed by Dom. It runs test cases through your browser and collects the results. Each browser have an individual user agent string.

Thank you for offering to contribute results for the CSS MP 1.0 Test Suite using your browser (identified as Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; fr; rv: Gecko/20071128 Camino/1.5.4 (MultiLang)).

When I'm browsing the test harness, my user agent string is recorded and automagically the results are collected in a table. I don't have to do everything in one shot. The CSS Mobile Profile Test Suite has 226 test cases for now, so I can do a series of 10, and then come back the day after and do 10 more. If I do not finish, someone else with the same computer/browser configuration will finish it.

I love tools for lazy people like me.

Update: I had forgotten to mention... the source code of test harness is available. As usual with the code published under W3C software license, you can play, hack, package, improve, release the code for your own purpose.

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