Blue Beany Day – Web standards!

Today is Blue Beany Day. A good opportunity to be goofy with an excuse ;)

Monday, November 26, 2007 is the day thousands of Standardistas (people who support web standards) will wear a Blue Beanie to show their support for accessible, semantic web content. It’s easy to show your support for web design done right. Put on a Blue Beanie and snap a photo. Then on November 26, switch your profile picture in Facebook or other social Network and post your photo to the Blue Beanie Day group at Flickr.

I don’t have a blue beany, but I do have a French beret. I know, I know, it is very cheesy… but hey! I’m French. And if you want to see W3C Team on Blue Beany Steroids.

Karl Dubost with a French W3C Beret

3 thoughts on “Blue Beany Day – Web standards!

  1. Hi Ken,

    We do not sell them. You will have to bribe me a high price for getting one ;) Just kidding. But your comment is nowadays interesting.

    What else would you like to buy if we had W3C goodies?

  2. For me the coffee cup would be most cool, but T-shirts, sweatshirts would also be good. Playing off of the HTML/XHTML/CSS validation buttons could also be fun. Maybe for instance a coffee cup that had the W3C logo like in the picture with a caption below that says “Is your code valid?”

    I know if I had developers working for me and they came into my office with a problem I’d pick up the W3C “Is your code valid?” mug and start to drink from it before they had a chance to ask their question as a not so subtle hint. The “Is your code valid?” coffee cup would be good to give away/sell at web conferences. Heck you should send a few cases of them to Microsoft.

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