Digital Accessibility User Requirements

WAI continues to explore research and document user needs in several areas. The documents below:

Cross-disability user requirements for specific technologies, tools, situations:

MAUR Media Accessibility User Requirements
Describes the needs of users with disabilities to be able to consume audio and video media on the web. A MAUR updated Working Draft is in progress. (Learn more from the MAUR blog post.)
SAUR Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements for multimedia
Addresses synchronization of captions, sign language interpretation, and descriptions in audio and video media. Media needs to be synchronized to very specific limits in order to be understandable. (SAUR blog)
XAUR XR Accessibility User Requirements
Describes user needs in virtual or immersive environments (XR). (XAUR blog)
RAUR RTC Accessibility User Requirements
Describes user needs for real-time communication (RTC). RTC enables instantaneous applications for video and audio calls, text chat, file exchange, screen sharing, and gaming. (RAUR blog)
NAUR Natural Language Interface Accessibility User Requirements Draft
Addresses situations where a user and a system communicate via a natural (human) language. The user provides input as sentences via speech or other input, and the system generates responses as sentences delivered by speech, text, or another modality. (Learn more from the NAUR blog post.)
CTAUR Collaboration Tools Accessibility User Requirements Draft
Describes user needs in tools that support for one or more specific collaborative features. These features include real-time editing of content by multiple authors, the use of comments or annotations, and revision control.
FAST Framework for Accessible Specification of Technologies (FAST) Editors’ Draft
Advises creators of technical specifications how to ensure their technology meets the needs of users with disabilities.

Research on the needs of people with specific disabilities:

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