World Wide Web and HTMLTools

NOTE Note: This is an archive page; and is no longer maintained. Some of this information may be out of date.

These tools, part of the available WWW software, are for management of World Wide Web servers, generation of hypertext, etc.

CGI server extension scripts

CGI Archive
To add contents to the archive, put them in /incoming/cgi.

Generating HTML

There is a full list of filters and converters between various formats and HTML, collected by Richard Brandwein and Mike Sendall. Highlights include:

LaTex to HTML
Code from Nikos Drakos, Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds.
MS Word and rtf
RTF converters, and facilities for Word for Windows.
Framemaker interfaces
There are several approaches which allow FRAMEmaker to be used as a World Wide Web tool.
WordPerfect HTML conversion
Miscellaneous scripts
and programs for generating hypertext from things like directory listings, etc.
Mail Archive to HTML
Make that mail archive available on the web.

See also htxp, a time-saving macro preprocessor for writing HTML (and other documents) allowing user-definable abbreviations and macros.

HTML editing and authoring tools

Some conventional word-processors and general-purpose SGML editors can be used with HTML.

See also: more info on filters, SGML info and tools

Several sites offer further information on HTML editors, some with reviews:

There are reviews of the Ant, WebAuthor and Internet Assistant in WWWiz Online.

There are reviews of HoTMetaL Pro, NaviPress and PageMill in InformationWeek.

Here is a list of some purpose-made html editors and authoring tools:

A shared hot-list tool.
An HTML authoring tool with a validating SGML parser
BBEdit HTML Tools
a package of extensions for BBEdit or BBEdit-lite for the Mac. Contact: Lindsay.Davies@sheffield.ac.uk
A new release of the original BBEdit HTML extensions
also for BBEdit and BBEdit-lite Contact: bellverc@si.uji.es (Carles Bellver)
Browser-Editor for NextStep/OpenStep
complete WYSIWIG hypertext editing and browsing application based on Tim Berners-Lee's original development.
eText Engine
WYSIWYG editor for NeXTStep
for NextStep
by IT Solutions for NextStep
html-mode for Emacs
Not WYSIWIG but useful.
HTML assistant
and HTML Assistant Pro for MS Windows (Version 3.1 or higher).
HTMLed (HTMLed32) and HTMLed Pro
an HTML editor for MS-Windows 3.1, NT, 95
HTML Writer
another HTML editor for MS-Windows
and another
and another. 32-bit Windows 95/NT version soon in beta.
another from VRtiks
HTML HyperEdit
and another (not supported but still available)
and another
HyperType Edit
a new freeware editor for Windows.
another new editor for Windows.
point and click authoring tool with forms and frames from Q&D (written in VB)
for MS-Windows (no connection with Arachnid for Mac below)
Swag-Man (formerly Rag-Time)
an HTML editor with previewing facilities for Windows 3.1X (soon Windows 95)
a simple editor for MS-Windows
WEB Wizard
The Duke of URL offers easy creation of home pages on MS Windows.
H.T.M.L. Handler
authoring tool for MS Windows
Html+ Editor
for Windows from Almost Reality.
and HoTMetaL Pro from SoftQuad for MS-Windows and Mac
Web Media Publisher
for Windows 95 and WindowsNT, with JAVA support
ReVoL Web Worker
a freeware HTML editor for Windows 95 with HTML 3.0 and Netscape 2.0 support. Available via ftp as rww32.zip.
Aardvark Pro
editor for Windows 3.x and Windows 95
editor from Tashcom software for Windows 3.x and Windows 95 supports MS Internet Explorer and Netscape 2.0 extensions
for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, with Visual Table, Form, and Frame editors.
full-feature HTML editor for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.
editor for HTML 2.0/3.0 & Netscape/Microsoft Extensions for Intel-based Windows NT 3.5 and later, and Windows 95
object oriented multi-page HTML generator/editor for Win95/NT3.51 (32 bit version only)
HTML Builder
A 32 bit application for Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.x.
for Windows 95, with VRML and JavaScript features, com versao em portuges (with Portuguese version).
DerekWare HTML Author
a small but powerful freeware editor for 32-bit Windows 95
HTML editing environment for Windows, written in Borland Delphi
Chinese/English HTML editor
for MS Windows by Jing-Hwa Luo.
Multilingual Publisher
from Accent Software. WYSIWYG HTML editing in over 30 languages, soon with Japanese and Chinese.
an editor based on the Andrew Toolkit.
based on tk/tcl: available at ftp://ftp.ssc.com/pub/ssc/roland/tkHTML
also based on tk.
Simple HTML Editor - a HyperCard stack.
High Tea
a simple to use HyperCard based HTML editor. Available from any of the info-mac or umich mirrors.
another HyperCard stack.
Site Writer Pro
another HyperCard application.
for the Mac, based on SuperCard.
HTML Editor
for the Mac by Rick Giles.
HTML Web Weaver (shareware) & WWW Web Weaver (commercial)
from Best Enterprises, a Macintosh text editor for creating and editing HTML documents. (Replaces earlier HTML SuperText)
an HTML editor for the Mac
WYSIWIG editor for the Mac
another HTML editor for the Mac.
Web Warrior
another HTML editor for the Mac.
shareware for the Mac. Lets you make simple web pages with text, bullets, graphics etc.
Alpha HTML Mode
Alpha is a customizable programming/text editor for the Mac. Check for newer versions of the HTML environment than the one included in the Alpha distribution.
A HyperCard stack with non-English-language features.
WYSIWIG editor for the X Window System
a simple editor in c for Motif
an HTML 3, HTML 2 and text editor for the X Window System and Motif.
a WYSIWYG HTML editor for the X Window System. In beta for various Unix platforms.
The Ant
templates for Word 6.0 implementing Word to HTML and HTML to Word WYSIWYG Conversion Utilities
HTML add-in to Word for Windows 6.0 from Quarterdeck
Internet Assistant
for Word 6.0 for Windows from Microsoft. Now in public release, see "What's New" on Microsoft's WWW Home Page
authoring system for Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows
Internet Publisher
add-on to WordPerfect 6.1 from Novell. Also Internet Publisher Pro.
HTML Easy! Pro (now ICBM) from Basic Concept Studio
an HTML editor for Windows with full HTML 3.0 support.
authoring and browsing tool for Windows 3.1 from InContext Systems
from Eon Solutions for Word 2 or Word 6/7/NT for Windows. Lets users make either Windows Help files or HTML pages from Word for Windows documents.
a graphical authoring tool for Mac (now in beta - no connection with Arachnid for Windows above)
from P.INK. An authoring tool for Mac (now in beta).
Live Markup
and Live Markup Pro: a MS-Windows 3.xx application that offers a WYSIWYG layout environment for building or editing WWW Pages.
HTML Grinder
toolkit for the Mac. "No mere editor, the Grinder is a powerful utility to assist you with intelligent link building".
an HTML toolkit for AmiPro
another utility
for AmiPro
a tool for automatically generating links between HTML pages based on a contents file.
a "primitive but useful" tool running on Unix to convert postscript (eg. containing a PowerPoint slide presentation) to browsable web pages.
a tool to help develop Web pages with images
Home Page Tool Box
to build home pages on the Mac
a utility to create HTML pages using Paradox for Windows.
a hypertext/hypergraphics authoring environment for Windows 3.x from IRIS Media Systems can create HTML files as well as other formats.
is designed for HTML document authors to select the color scheme for the html pages.
a freeware Windows 3.1 program which automates the production of HTML Web Pages containing JPEG anchor images and GIF in-line images.
A HyperCard stack that helps in editing HTML. Especially useful for marking up existing ascii text files. It also translates the Macintosh character set to and from ISO Latin-1, which should interest people who have to author French, German, etc.
Web editor and browser for MAC, PC, and UNIX. Beta version.
authoring and other tools from NaviSoft.
for Windows from Wollongong with browser and other Internet access tools
from from Stat Tech, an electronic publishing package for Windows, allows you to publish information in HTML.
Software Environment for IRIX from Silicon Graphics including WebMagic Author.
Web Publisher
authoring tool for Windows 3.1 from SkiSoft
from Olson software. Authoring tool for Windows with visual site management.
Visual HTML++
a WYSIWYG point-and click WWW development system for Windows from e:llussion
from Next Wave Software. An MS-Windows based integrated development environment for building web sites.
PageMill and SiteMill
authoring tools from Adobe.
Client/server Web authoring software, including an HTML editor. A 30-day evaluation copy is now available for download from Vermeer Technologies. Also available from Microsoft.
Internet Publishing Solution
real soon now from Frame and Adobe
Internet Authoring Toolkit
for the Mac real soon now from EveryDay Objects.
Lotus InterNotes Web Publisher
automates the process of publishing information to WWW by converting Notes documents into HTML.
for Windows (written in Visual Basic) allows creation of HTML from text or word processor files.
HTML Notepad
for Windows 3.1 adds HTML capability to the Notepad editor.
editor for MSDOS, MSWindows, Unix, OS/2, and VMS has an html mode.
a perl 5 CGI script that allows you to view both the source code and the rendering of your page within a single screen, edit the source and check the HTML.
form-based utility converts tab or comma-delimited text into HTML tables. With examples and a listing of sites with information on tables.
FrameShop makes it easy to create and experiment with frames.
ColorMaker makes it easy to create colorful web pages without having to bother with confusing hexadecimal numbers.
Page Builder and Color Coder from DBasics Software
form-based utilities to create and view pages online.
a tool for creating web pages from templates. Once configured, web pages can be created by end-users with no knowledge of HTML using simple forms.
The QDL language
offers an easy way to build complex HTML outline-style pages. It allows simple image placement, automatic indentation control, cross-referencing, and automatically inserted "jump back" lines. The result is an easily navigable, index card-like data structure.
Intranet Genie Web Designer
authoring tool for Windows 95/NT from Frontier Technologies.

Checking dubious HTML

The following will validate HTML syntax for conformity with various standards

WebTechs HTML Validation Service
(formerly HaLSoft). You can send your document to be validated. (There is a UK site also offering this service). An HTML Check Toolkit is also available for installation on your own system. See also The Unofficial WebTechs Validator FAQ
A Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator
offers a similar service. See also The Unofficial Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator FAQ
a perl script to check HTML.
an awk script to check HTML.
Spyglass HTML Validator
for Windows 95
LakeSoft PageInspector
for Macintosh (also checks links)
An HTML authoring tool with a validating SGML parser
written by Dan Connolly, is a perl script to legitimize old HTML files into SGML-abiding HTML (as per the DTD that Dan created).
W3C's testbed HTML3 browser flags and comments bad HTML.

Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer from Delorie Software allows pages to be viewed with various tages disabled, to help predict the effect of different browsers.

The following will check the validity of links

Generating things from HTML

exist for plain text, LaTeX, MML, RTF etc.

Other sed scripts can be used to combine documents at various levels into one big book.

Maintaining HTML documents

Analysing HTML
html_analyzer for assisting in the maintenance of HTML databases.

Analysing Log Files

Server log analysis
Analysing server logs requires first of all changing the numeric internet node numbers into domain names. httpd-analyse.c is a program to do that. Feed the results through awk and grep of your choice! Some documentation on the program.
Server log analysis
Kevin Hughes' Getstats program does all kinds of things. Replaces Getsites.c

Web Wanderers

See Martijn Koster's pages on WWW Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders

Web-roaming robot etc
Guido van Rossum's knobot code in "Python" language.
Web Checker
James Pitkow's web checking robot
An efficient distributed index harvesting system.

Public WWW Access Services

Telnet server
Setting up a service machine for anonymous users to log in to a www client.
Mail Robot
A program to return any information in the web information by electronic mail

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