From Fri Feb 10 16:03:59 1995
Article: 18109 of comp.infosystems.www.providers
From: (Nice Technologies)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: WebWizard HTML Editor for Word
Organization: NICE Technologies

	    NICE Technologies announces
               ***  WebWizard ***
   HTML authoring system for Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows

WHY WAIT???  WebWizard is a fully-functional HTML authoring tool that 
takes the form of a Word Wizard.  Since it uses the word processor 
you already know, there is no new editor to learn, and all the Word 
tools (spell checking, scripting macros, etc.) are available!  
WebWizard adds a handy tool bar and menu extensions to Word to 
provide many features that make authoring and handling HTML 
documents easier than ever before:

* ASSISTED TAGGING: When you insert a tag, WebWizard provides a point-
and-click display of only the allowable tags for the current portion of 
the document.  Tags are clearly distinguishable, and you have full 
access to all attributes.  A FULL PARSER is built into WebWizard, so you 
can validate your HTML without using a separate browser.

SINGLE FILE: WebWizard automatically sets the Word styles of text 
between tags.  The HIDE TAGS feature allows you to just see the 
formatted text without tags, giving you a WYSIWYG view of your HTML page 
that you can use while you author.  You can also print out a formatted 
version of your page, or let someone else use it in their word 
processor.  Develop formatted, printable documents and Web pages 

* USES ANY HTML DTD: Because WebWizard has a full SGML parser built in, 
you can use any HTML DTD.  WebWizard reads ASCII DTD specifications, so 
even your custom DTDs can be used!  WebWizard comes with a set of 
standard HTML DTDs including HTML1, HTML2, and HTML+.

* AUTOMATIC GIF GENERATION: Include ANY graphic you can paste into Word, 
in ANY format.  Simply select the graphic, and WebWizard will convert it 
to GIF format and insert an anchor tag pointing to the new GIF file.

* FLEXIBLE IMPORT FEATURE:  WebWizard allows you to import existing HTML 
documents into Word.   Any errors are easily identified by the WebWizard 
parser.  Imported documents may be edited and displayed in a variety 
of ways:

        - Use pages downloaded from the Web as templates for your own 

         - Imported pages are automatically formatted with Word styles 
           by WebWizard.  Hide the tags and Web data is USABLE, not just 
           BROWSABLE!  View and Print FULLY FORMATTED pages direct from 
           raw HTML source, and incorporate fully-formatted pages in Word. 

The cost of WebWizard is $179 -- contact NICE Technologies:

     NICE Technologies
     2121 41st Avenue, Suite 303
     Capitola, CA 95010
     Phone:  408-476-7850
     Fax:    408-476-0910

NICE Technologies also produces a full-scale SGML authoring system, 
called SGML TagWizard, and  WebSock DLL, a suite of OEM development 
tools for the web. WebSock DLL, which is shipped as a set of 
Windows DLLs, incorporates a full SGML parser, and all major Internet 
application protocols, including HTTP, MIME, WAIS, NNTP, GOPHER, and GOPHER+.

SGML TagWizard, WebWizard, and WebSock DLL are trademarks of NICE Technologies.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.