HTML converters

This information on converter / filter software between various systems and HTML was started by Rich Brandwein ( and is now maintained by Mike Sendall. This is done on a "best effort" basis as a service to the community, and neither CERN nor W3C make any claim respecting the accuracy or completeness of this information. Thanks to all who contributed. If you know of any filters not in this list, please let me know.

1. Converting to HTML

2. Converting from HTML

3. Other sources of information and software

Other lists of converters etc. can be found on the HyperNews system at NCSA, the WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation at OneWorld Information Services, in the NCSA Mosaic FAQ, at the University of Toronto, and via Yahoo. There is a list of converters for the Mac by Jon Wiederspan at ComVista. The NASA-supported ELSA repository has information about filters and other WWW resources: try "Browse first level collections", then "WWW Information and Utilization" and "HTML Tools". An index of perl programs for WWW, including several filters, is available at UC Irvine.

An alternative source for software is the Archive of HTML Translators at SunSITE Northern Europe (, Imperial College London. Macintosh users can find filters, editors etc. by searching the info-mac HyperArchive at MIT. If you know the name of a shareware program, you can find it via the Virtual Software Library.

Information on conversion utilities for bitmap and other graphics can be found in the Graphics File Formats FAQ. There is also a list of Image Processing and Display Software at Maryland.

You can find general information about WWW software here


MS, CERN 6 December 1996