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There are various tools to convert SGML into HTML. Here is a an annotated summary of some of them, and here are a few more pointers. Perl filters for several DTDs used in the humanities are available from Michigan and Virginia: see " WWW-to-PAT Gateway; exploiting an SGML-aware system through the Web ". OCLC offers SGML translation services via Fred, which includes tools to translate SGML-tagged text to other formats. Currently, OCLC uses Fred to translate from SGML to HTML, TeX (PostScript), and ASCII.

There are several versions of the HTML DTD: more information is available from the W3 Consortium. There is also a program dtd2html to convert SGML DTDs themselves to HTML to help browse and understand them.

Linuxdoc-SGML is a text-formatting package based on SGML that will produce HTML as well as other marked up documents.

For OSF DTD to HTML tools send mail to "dtd-comment@osf.org"

Conversion of HTML/SGML to other formats is also possible

Further information is available on SGML resources and tools.

HTML preprocessors etc.

Some of these have project / site management features. A good set of references with explanation and commentary is given by Jahn Rentmeister. Here are a few not covered there:

Windows Help

Emacs info

Other marked-up text

Useful collections of scripts

Plain text etc.

Spreadsheets, tables, etc.

Claris XTND system

Various formats


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