Here is the README:
Short:    Html-preprocessor (v0.9.9)
Author:   Thomas Aglassinger (
Uploader: Thomas Aglassinger (
Version:  0.9.9
Type:     text/hyper
Kurz:     Entwicklerwerkzeug fuer HTML

hsc ( v0.9.9,  09-Aug-1996 )

  This is a developer tool for html-projects.

  It can be used on any html-file and creates a new html-file
  as output. It's mainly intended to create and maintain larger
  html-projects. As a CLI-only tool, it can be used with `make'.

  hsc is *not* a tool to make html easier for beginners; It's a
  tool to make html a bit less painful and braindamaged for
  people who already know how to work with it.

  Freeware, distributed under GNU GPL; Documentation in html.
  ANSI-C source code available in a separate archive (look for

  o includes dependency generator for Makefiles
  o more powerful interface to shell-commands
  o supports function to get filesize


  o adds some special tags, for example to
    o include files (also sources)
    o execute shell commands during conversion
    o reasonable way to add comments
  o define macros
  o conditionals (if/else)
  o simple expressions can be passed as values to attributes
    (like string concatenation, string comparison, import of
    environment variables, local time or filesize)
  o for local links, checks if file/id exists
  o maintains a project-file to check existence of id's over
    all files processed
  o supports absolute URIs (relative to root-directory of project)
  o replaces special characters by its entities
  o evaluates attributes for image size
  o strips comments and specified tags
  o strips useless white-spaces and linefeeds
  o replaces icon-entities by images
  o performs a (small) syntax- and structure check
  o easy to extend syntax-definition format


or mirror sites.


  Thomas Aglassinger