From Wed May  1 17:08:17 1996
Article: 63174 of comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
From: (Pieter Hintjens)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: HTML pre-processor (free s/w)
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 96 09:58:40 GMT-1:00
Organization: EUnet Belgium, Leuven, Belgium

Announcing 'htmlpp', a pre-processor for HTML.  Works much
like the C preprocessor, aimed at heavy production of HTML
documents.  Basic features:

  * Include files at any point in your text.
  * Define symbols, then refer to them in the text.
  * Break single source files into multiple HTML pages.
  * Manage page headers and footers at a single point.
  * Build table of contents.
  * Build links to previous/next/first/last page.
  * ...

You can pick-up htmlpp from  It is
free software, written using Perl 4.  For an example of the
results you can get with htmlpp, browse the iMatix site.

*NOTE* This is not a HTML editor.  This is a tool for people
who *know* HTML and who are tired of maintaining dozens of
separate pages by hand.

Pieter A. Hintjens