From Tue Aug 20 11:20:02 1996
Article: 89549 of comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
From: (Scott J. Kleper)
Subject: SOFTWARE: HTML Markup 2.2 for Macintosh
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 96 03:32:15 GMT-1:00
Organization: Stanford University

KlepHacks Announces HTML Markup 2.2

8/18/96 -- KlepHacks Shareware announced today the availability of HTML
Markup 2.2, the latest version of the ultimate text to HTML experience.
Among other new features and fixes, the new version offers AppleScript
support, bringing a new dimension of power to the flexible HTML conversion

HTML Markup has been one of the leading HTML conversion utilities for the
Macintosh for over a year. Each successive version has been the result of
user feedback. HTML Markup has evolved with the web, and now offers
features like batch conversion, document coloring, headers and footers,
comments, automatic conversion of lists, and much more.

Version 2.2's support for AppleScript brings new flexibility to the
program. Sample scripts included with the program show how HTML Markup can
be used from within a text editor like BBEdit 4.0 to streamline the HTML
authoring process. Other sample scripts show HTML Markup used with a CGI
script to serve up text files on the fly. HTML Markup's scripting
dictionary provides a complete interface for scripters to extend the
program. Users can customize how files are converted by post-processing
their files with AppleScript.

With the arrival of the new version, KlepHacks Shareware is also
announcing the "Made with HTML Markup" program. This program, designed to
highlight the various sites aided by HTML Markup, encourages Web Masters
to place a small "Made with HTML Markup" logo on their sites. Pages with
this logo are added to the index of HTML Markup pages. Each logo is a link
to this page so in effect, everybody who participates in the program is
helping everybody else attract people to their sites. Furthermore, one
site or page will be selected each month (based on content) to be featured
on the HTML Markup home page, which gets thousands of hits per week! More
information about this program is available from

HTML Markup 2.2 is shareware. A single user license is $20 and may be
purchased by using the included "KlepHacks Register" program. Users of
HTML Markup 1.0 and later can upgrade for $5. Users of versions 2.0 and
later are entitled to free upgrades through email. Questions and comments
are welcome to

HTML Markup 2.2 is available immediately for download from:

Support and further information can be found at:

-Scott J. Kleper
 President, KlepHacks Shareware

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From klep@pobox1.Stanford.EDU  Fri Mar  8 04:30:55 1996
Subject: HTML Markup
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 96 19:30:59 -0000
From: KlepHacks Software 


HTML Markup version 2.0 was recently released.
Please update the link to the following URL:

This link will always point to the current version of HTML Markup so the
link won't expire again. Also, there is homepage for HTML Markup at:

-Scott J. Kleper

Scott J. Kleper                              Don't Panic!                 

Author of HTML Markup, the complete text-to-html experience:

From Mon May 22 15:11:53 1995
Article: 3859 of comp.infosystems.www.announce
From: (Scott J. Kleper)
Subject: SOFTWARE: Mac text->html (HTML Markup 1.0)
Date: 15 May 1995 22:11:05 -0700
Organization: Rochester Institute of Technology

Recently, I was given the task of converting about a dozen text articles
to HTML. I used a program for the Mac called TextToHTML. It served its
purpose fairly well, but I still had to edit the HTML. It did some
annoying things like put <BR>'s after every line and always using the
first line as the <title>.

To help with future projects, I wrote HTML Markup 1.0. It works a little
differently from other HTML converters. When you drag files to the HTML
Markup icon, you are given a "job ticket" where you can check off which
filters you want to apply. You can do everything from using the first line
as a centered <H1> to automatically converting lists in your text file to
HTML <UL>'s.

Right now, HTML Markup is in beta testing. I'm still looking for features
to add and bug reports. The beta is available publically from my ftp site.
To download version 1.0b1 (the most recent at the time of this posting),

You should also check out the HTML Markup home page for late-breaking
info. There may be a newer version to download. There's also an optional
form there for beta testers to fill out. It's basically so that I can keep
track of how many people are using HTML Markup and what they're using it
for. It's completely optional, so feel free to download Markup without
filling out the form. The web support page is here.

I'm also the author of a program that does the exact opposite - converting
HTML back to text. That program is called HTML Markdown and information is
available from the same FTP and Web sites. 

-Scott J. Kleper

Scott J. Kleper                        DON'T PANIC!