Date: Sat, 09 Dec 95 04:19:53 -1100
From: Jason Johnston 
Subject: HTML Converters

You might like to add a reference to Hyperize, a bare text -> bare-bones
valid HTML translator. Similar to Scott Kleper's HTML Markup in many
respects, except that Hyperize has three translation "modes" (for
preformatted text, text where returns end lines, and text where returns
end paragraphs), does disk-based processing and so has no limit on input
file size, is fully localizable, and is free. It is also very small
(18k) and very fast (comparable to the Finder's Copy command).

Hyperize was conceived primarily for getting relatively large text
corpora quickly on to the Web. It should correctly handle most Western
European languages.

Hyperize runs on 68k Macs and on PowerPCs under emulation. It requires
System 7. It is available from UMich, Info-Mac, etc. and from my Web site

Current version is 1.0. Version 1.1 will ship within a few days of this