VMS help to html

From advax@erich.triumf.ca Sun Feb 27 10:53:39 1994
Article: 8948 of comp.infosystems.www
From: advax@erich.triumf.ca (A.Daviel)
Date: 25 Feb 1994 16:08 PST
Organization: TRIUMF: Tri-University Meson Facility

HLPTOHTML: This program converts Digital's DCL HELP files 
(.HLP suffix) to HTLM, the Hypertext Markup Language used
by Mosaic. Separate files are produced for different levels
in the HELP hierarchy, preserving the hierarchical nature
of the Help information, and allowing use of the Mosaic
Back command. The Hypertext ouput may generated with the
pre-formatted flag set (<pre>); the user may remove this
and refine the presentation after conversion. Alternatively,
pairs of <pre> and </pre> directives may be pre-inserted
in the HELP file to protect tables, etc., and formatted
output produced (the default).

This is essentially an alpha version. It was converted from FORTRAN,
and it shows. Both up-to-date C and FORTRAN versions are available
by ftp from sundae.triumf.ca:/pub2/hlptohtml.
The C source was posted on alt.sources.

Bugfixes welcome. Suggestions welcomed, though I may not have time to
implement them.

 Andrew Daviel, Vancouver, Canada 
  TRIUMF - home of the world's largest cyclotron