From Tue Feb 21 08:44:23 1995
Article: 7441 of alt.hypertext
From: (Doug Frick)
Subject: Re: Hypercard -> HTML converter?
Organization: University of Hawaii
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 95 03:18:55 MET


I'm writing a prototype of SuperCard to HTML converter "U2^W3" that
includes creation of image configuration files, forms and skeletons of
corresponding pearl scripts).

I use SuperCard because it is closer to HTML (it supports graphic objects,
irregularly shaped buttons for image map regions, etc.), HyperCard stacks
can be fairly easily converted to SuperCard projects, I'm encouraged by
Allegiant's rapid resurrection of SuperCard and because there is no easy
way to convert stacks to PC (SuperCard alpha for PC was demonstrated

However, the converter could be ported to HyperCard quite easily.

"U2^W3" provides for a fairly good WYSIWYG way to create WWW documents.

How much interest is out there?

Jan Stelovsky