From Henry Thu Nov 21 13:09:58 1996
Article: 17754 of comp.infosystems.www.announce
From: Henry Minsky <>
Subject: SOFTWARE: Meta-HTML 5.01 Source Release
Date: 20 Nov 1996 21:49:07 -0500

Meta-HTML 5.01 Source Release

Version 5.01 of Universal Access Inc.'s <Meta-HTML> distribution is now
available via anonymous FTP from:

It should be available from, and other GNU mirror
sites within the next two weeks.

			     What is it?

<Meta-HTML> is a programming language specifically designed for working
within the World Wide Web environment.  Although it is a genuine
programming language, suitable for large-scale symbolic manipulation,
it provides the most commonly wanted Web functionality as built-in
primitives, so you don't have to write them.  You can find out more
about the theory of implementation in this white paper

Web pages are authored using HTML and <Meta-HTML> statements freely
intermixed.  When a page is requested by a browser, the page is passed
through the <Meta-HTML> engine, which dynamically processes any
<Meta-HTML> statements to produce a final HTML page which is delivered
to the browser.

The source distribution provides several different interpreter options:

	* A CGI engine which can be run by any Unix Web server,
	* A full-featured Web server (mhttpd) with the interpreter built in,
	* A standalone processor, much like Perl or Tcl, and
	* An interactive debugger, with a feel similar to GDB (mdb)


	      <Meta-HTML> Changes in 5.01 from 5.00

  The file `doc/manual/' is a postscript version of the
  manual, and the mhc script `build-ps' can be used to generate the
  manual from the documentation files and databases.  In order to
  generate the manual, you will have to have the TeX, texindex, and
  dvips programs installed, and in your path.

		      E-Mail Addresses and URLs

Bug reports for <Meta-HTML> should be sent to
Bug reports for the documentation should be sent to

There is a user mailing list:  You can
subscribe on the Web, or by
sending mail to

Pre-compiled distribution sets are available via the <Meta-HTML> Web
site at  We currently have versions for

	bsdi-2.0-i386, hpux-10.10-hppa, irix-5.3-mips, linux-i386,
	osf-3.0-alpha, solaris-2.5-i386, solaris-2.5-sun4m, and