From Tue Apr 18 09:56:15 1995
Article: 8337 of alt.hypertext
From: (SlimeMold Technologies)
Subject: AmiPro as Hypertext editor Want Beta Testers
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 95 01:15:42 GMT-1:00

I have a macro file that I use to write Netscape compliant hypertext for web 
pages. The system is under development and given Netscapes warning that 
future version may use tags differently my macro file may be forever under 

Meanwhile I am looking for a few amipro users that also wish to write 
hypertext using the amipro platform. 

This is NOT a wysiwyg text editor system. It is a set of macro tools that 
serve the function for me of entering tags and being a constant reminder of 
what's possible. 

If you are interested email me. I don't have a FTP directory. So I will have 
to email you a copy.

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