From Mon Mar 11 10:16:21 1996
Article: 54891 of comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
From: (Kenn Nesbitt)
Subject: Re: HTML editors for Windows 95
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 96 03:00:47 MET
Organization: Nesbitt Software wrote:

>I'm looking for some references for an HTML editor that will work with Windows95.
>Please send info and or URLs.


The 32-bit Windows 95/NT version of WebEdit (
is going into beta testing in about a week.  Although Beta 1 is for
registered users only, Beta 2 will be publicly available at the end of

Kenn Nesbitt

From Wed Jan 10 14:03:54 1996
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From: (Scot Jebens)
Subject: WebEdit 1.4 Released!!!
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 96 06:31:59 MET
Organization: Pacific Northwest Networks

WebEdit 1.4 is Here!

After considerable testing by thousands of users, WebEdit 1.4 is
now complete. WebEdit 1.4 is a significant upgrade, sporting a new
built-in WYSIWYG previewer, a WYSIWYG image map editor, and support
for every new Netscape 2.0 and Internet Explorer 2.0 HTML extension.
You can download this new version from our download page.

					Scot Jebens
					Nesbitt Software

From Tue Aug  8 12:02:24 1995
Article: 14406 of comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
From: (Kenn Nesbitt)
Subject: WebEdit 1.1a now available
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 95 22:03:15 GMT-1:00
Organization: Nesbitt Software

WebEdit HTML Editor for Windows, version 1.1a is now available for download 

Version 1.1a includes all of the features of 1.1, plus:

 * A couple of bug fixes
 * A new toolbar for converting ASCII characters to extended HTML tags
 * A new menu selection for converting extended ASCII characters to
   HTML tags
 * Relative pathnames in the URL builder, and Easy Links and Easy
   Images dialog boxes.
 * A new setup program

Kenn Nesbitt
Author, WebEdit HTML Editor for Windows

From Fri Jul 28 10:27:05 1995
Article: 13083 of comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
From: (Kenn Nesbitt)
Subject: Announcing WebEdit 1.1 for Windows
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 95 02:39:29 GMT-1:00
Organization: Nesbitt Software

          Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit 1.1 HTML Editor for Windows
    Nesbitt Software introduces a powerful new upgrade to the most
  complete Windows-based editor for World Wide Web hypertext documents

July 24, 1995

Nesbitt Software announces the availability of Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit 1.1, a 
Microsoft Windows-based hypertext markup language (HTML) editor designed for 
rapid creation and easy maintenance of World Wide Web (WWW) documents.  
Created by internationally recognized Windows and Internet expert Kenn 
Nesbitt, WebEdit 1.0 was widely acclaimed as the best HTML editor available 
for the Windows platform.  According to Harley Hahn, co-author of the number 
one best-selling computer book The Internet Yellow Pages and author of The 
Internet Complete Reference, "WebEdit is the program against which all other 
hypertext editors should be measured.  I love WebEdit.  Like all great tools, 
it helps me do what I want without getting in my way."

WebEdit's clean, well-organized interface makes it the perfect tool for HTML 
beginners.  But, unlike other HTML editors, WebEdit does not skimp on power or 
flexibility.  Designed for use by HTML experts, WebEdit 1.1 provides support 
for every feature of HTML, including HTML levels 1, 2 and 3, and even special 
language extensions such as those recognized by the Netscape Web browser.

WebEdit 1.1 provides complete support the draft specification for HTML 3.  
According to Rick Stout, co-author of The Internet Yellow Pages and author of 
the forthcoming World Wide Web Complete Reference, "WebEdit is an exciting new 
editor that allows you to work in an organized, uncluttered environment.  Of 
the many Web authoring tools I have looked at, WebEdit is the most compliant 
with the HTML 3 specification."

Among it's many new features are support for HTML 3 inline figures, 
mathematical formulae, tabs, banners, admonishments, and more.  WebEdit's 
powerful URL builder helps you construct uniform resource locators for 
hypertext links to Internet resources, and a new WYSIWYG table builder creates 
HTML 3 tables for you; simply enter your data into a spreadsheet-style grid, 
and let WebEdit write the HTML code.  Using WebEdit's Custom Tags dialog, you 
can define your own tags to quickly enter often-repeated sections of text. 
Floating toolbars provide single-click support for every tag in HTML.  With 
new "Easy Links" and "Easy Images" windows, you can drag-and-drop inline 
images and hypertext links right into your documents.  And WebEdit's new 
built-in spelling checker helps you make your pages letter perfect.

WebEdit 1.1 is published by KnowledgeWorks, Inc. as shareware and can be 
downloaded from for a free 30
day evaluation.  The registration fee is US$99.95 for business use, and 
US$49.95 for educational users, home users, and not-for-profit organizations.

WebEdit is a trademark of Nesbitt Software


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