From Tue Jul 25 11:03:31 1995
Article: 6730 of comp.infosystems.www.announce
From: (A. Stochniol)
Subject: SOFTWARE: asWedit 1.1.1 - HTML 3 & 2 editor for X/Motif
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 95 02:09:33 GMT-1:00
Organization: Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London

x	asWedit HTML 3 and HTML 2 editor Version 1.1.1  (English Release)

asWedit is an easy to use HTML 3, HTML 2 and text editor for X Window
System and Motif. This '3-in-1' release offers a standard text editing
mode and context-sensitive HTML 3 and HTML 2 modes.

HTML features
  o context-sensitive HTML 3 or HTML 2 mode; only tags valid in the
    current context are available
  o full support for all HTML 3 tags and attributes based on the
    HTML 3 Document Type Definition (DTD) as of 24 March 1995
    (it was the first context-sensitive HTML 3 editor available :-) )
  o full support for all HTML 2 tags and attributes based on the
    HTML 2 Document Type Definition (DTD) as of 29 March 1995 (v 1.25)
  o creation of correct HTML 3 or HTML 2 documents
  o support for different styles of editing: assistive tagging, cut and
    paste, by hand and parse
  o attribute editors
  o rich set of entities, including greek and user-defined ones
  o comprehensive context-sensitive, hypertext help with topics
    on a selected tag and edited attribute (version related)
  o on-line hints when importing and correcting legacy HTML documents
  o preview mode that uses Netscape 1.1, Mosaic 2.5, Arena or Lynx

Who by
Andrzej Stochniol   (
30 Hatch Road, London SW16 4PN, UK.

Release Date
19 July 1995

asWedit is available for free for students and staff in education and
charitable non-profit organizations, and for free evaluation by
individuals and commercial organizations. See the license for details.

asWedit is available in binary form by anonymous ftp from:

The software is mirrored in US on:

Following platforms are supported:

 file Id	   System	         OS
 rs6k.aix3.2.3	   IBM RS/6000	         AIX 3.2.3
 rs6k.aix3.2.5	   IBM RS/6000	         AIX 3.2.5
 sgi.irix4	   SGI 		         IRIX 4.0.x
 sgi.irix5	   SGI     	         IRIX 5.x
 sparc.sunos4	   SUN Sparc	         SunOS 4.1.3
 sparc.solaris2.3  SUN Sparc	         SunOS 5.3
 sparc.solaris2.4  SUN Sparc	         SunOS 5.4
 hp.hpux9	   HP9000 700/800        HP-UX 9.x
 alpha.osf-v3	   DEC Alpha	         OSF/1 V3.x
 ultrix.4.3        DEC station           Ultrix 4.3
 fat3.next3   	   HP-PA,NeXT,i386       NeXTSTEP 3.x (X req.!)
 i386.sco	   PC, i386		 SCO 
 i386.sco5	   PC, i386		 SCO Open Server 5
 i386.linux	   PC, i386	         Linux
 i386.linux_dyna   PC, i386	         Linux (libXm req.)