From Wed Jun 15 14:04:16 1994
Article: 271 of cern.www.announce
From: (Nick Williams )
Subject: Announcing a new version of the Htmltext "wysiwyg" editor
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 14:24:10 GMT-1:00

A new version of Htmltext (a "wysiwyg" editor for HTML) is now
available, taking it up to version 1.4.  The changes between this
version and the previous are (hopefully) unnoticeable, but fix some
rather major bugs in the HTML output of the editor, and expand its
ability to correct dodgy documents.


 o Runs over X-windows/UNIX.
 o inline image support (gifs, jpegs, xbm, etc).
 o full WYSIWYG editing & printing, giving easy-to-use interface.
 o easily configured for different menus, languages, keybindings, styles...
 o Complete HTML implementation (including ISO character support...)
 o HTML+ on the way...
 o It will fix up documents as it reads them in and writes them out to try and
   make sure they're conforming HTML.
 o It's completely free!

From Wed Jun 15 09:48:54 1994
Article: 251 of cern.www.announce
From: (Nick Williams )
Subject: WYSIWYG Editor for HTML
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 94 00:12:38 GMT-1:00

Well, I've just cleared up my editor slightly and it's now available for
release (see below).

It is a full HTML editor, supporting all basic entities:
    + It can read and display forms but as yet there is little interface
    to creating forms.
    + It can display inline images.
    + It is more or less WYSIWYG if you use Mosaic.
    + The look and feel can be configured by the user.
    + Current version is 1.3.  Note: the version found in the X/AUIS
    distribution and various other places is probably 1.2 and hence
    slightly more buggy.

It is available in binary form for Sparcs running SunOS 4.1 from the URL
It is also available in source form for those who have the Andrew
Toolkit installed (a large distribution), at
If anyone with a different architecture wishes to compile it up
and donate me the binary, I'm quite happy to arrange this.

For more details see my paper from WWW'94
or an overview

Nick Williams, Systems Architecture Research Centre, City University,
London, EC1V 0HB.  UK.

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