From joe@MIT.EDU Sun Apr  2 17:26:39 1995
Article: 25427 of comp.infosystems.www.misc
From: joe@MIT.EDU (Joseph Wang)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Beta version of tkWWW-0.13 is available
Date: 31 Mar 1995 06:28:56 -0600

A beta version of tkWWW-0.13 (the WYSIWYG WWW editor) is available

This version is intended for use with tk4.0, and is very, very buggy.
The primary reason for this announcement is to get beta testers and
developers to remove the bugs.  This version of tkWWW has image
support and may soon have forms support.

If you download this software, please subscribe to the tkWWW mailing
list at by e-mail the message

subscribe tkwww


Please send bug reports and requests to that mailing list also.