HTML Converting and HTML Editing

ANT_HTML Conversion Software

Crackerjack HTML Editor Software

Both programs are cross-platform and both work in:

In International Versions of Word 6.0 and above

The Ant

is an HTML conversion tool which installs HTML tags either automatically or via any of a wide selection of toolbar tools.

ANT_HTML provides a WYSIWYG environment and converts documents both to and from HTML.

For more information, please visit the Ant's Web site,


is an HTML editing tool designed to assist those who prefer to enter the HTML tags as they create or revise an HTML document.

Crackerjack provides non-WYSIWYG, but unique, semi-automated environment.

For more information, please visit the Crackerjack Web site,

Each of the programs provide:

  • Automatic Table Conversion
  • User-Customizable Toolbar Tools
  • A Special Form Toolbar to speed the creation of HTML forms.

Jill Swift, Montgomery, Texas U.S.A.